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How To Keep Your Vehicle In Its Brand New Condition For As Long As Possible?

Whether you are planning on buying a car, or want to keep your existing car in mint condition, these tips and suggestion below are ideal for vehicle care…

  • Take care of it from day one – just like with out body, it is important that we take care of our vehicle from day one to ensure that it stays in its pristine condition for as long as we can manage. While it’s true that you cannot treat a vehicle like spun glass ornaments, you can form a few habits that see to your vehicle’s beauty’s long life. For example, if you live in a country or area that gets regular rain, wouldn’t you use a mat to wipe your boots on before entering your home. In quite the same way, you could also have a boot scraper stashed in the vehicle to wipe the mud off your boots, before you get into the vehicle.
  • Take the precaution of a protective layer over the vehicle’s interior and exterior – the exterior of the vehicle doesn’t usually get damaged very easily. This, of course, is in the condition that you drive your vehicle with care. But if you want to keep your vehicle’s exterior paint shiny and dazzling like when it just arrived from the show room, consider getting a car paint protection film protection film installed over it. Alternatively, you could also polish your vehicle with protective wax for the same purpose.
  • Get it serviced regularly – whether it is your car or your home, it’s always best to try and keep the dust from settling in. This generally happens if you are not very regular with your cleaning; or if you don’t do a thorough job of it. If you can’t afford to take your vehicle to a car wash every time it get’s dirty, getting your vehicle professionally washed and serviced at least once in a while can avoid the build up.
  • Avoid eating insider the vehicle – one of the major reasons for ruined seats and smelly cars, is eating inside the vehicle. While it’s true that this is not something that can be avoided entirely, especially in long journeys with children; you can still be smart about it. Avoid drinking in cups that may spill with the motion of the vehicle. Avoid foods that will flake or make a mess; use a seat protector for journeys like this.
  • Use a back seat organizer – a cluttered vehicle can look a mess; despite how clean it actually is. But if you are the type to dress as you go to work, or spend a lot of time travelling, then having makeup, hairbrushes and phone chargers lying around in your seats is normal. Again, since it’s unavoidable, you can be smart. Use a back seat organizer to give all of your things a “home”. Make sure to put everything back in it’s place at the end of your