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Importing a car from any country includes many factors such as time, fuel expenses and locations. Shipping company exactly decides the amount of shipping of the consignment after calculating the all factors. Cost of shipping varies city by city. Fuel is considered as the core of shipping cost if the price of fuel raises then straight away it would increase the cost of the shipping. Fuel is the major factor that can increases or decreases the overall cost of shipping a car from USA to AUSTRALIA . Consumption of the ship is also accounted for before booking the consignment and professional shipping companies always chooses fuel efficient ship for moving their shipments from one place to another. The second most considerable factor is time; we all know that faster delivery increases the cost of the shipping. There are 3 modes of shipping that are used by shipping companies such as railway, ships and Air freights. All of these have different charges. The cheapest mode of transportation is by sea but it might take weeks and months and the second cheapest way of moving a consignment is railway its faster than the ships but again it might take some weeks and its higher in cost. The fastest and efficient way of moving a consignment is Air transportation it only takes one or two days to move the consignment from one place to another but it’s the most expensive mode of transportation. Those businesses who urgently needs their consignment who mostly prefer to ship their consignment through Air planes. Sea freight is the cheapest way of transporting the vehicles from one place to another. If the consignees have an enough time to deliver the cars then they should choose the sea freight because sea freight dramatically decreases their overall import cost.  

Importance of hiring a shipping company:  

Shipping company ensures the safety of the shipment and takes the proper responsibility of the shipment until it would not have handed over to the consignee.  Shipping company provide a proper online tracking to the customers about their shipment that where it has reached exactly that eventually, increases the trust level of the customer on the shipping company. Shipping company is responsible to deliver the shipment in given time frame so, customer can fulfil their commitments easily. Shipping company overcomes the all risk factors by taking the responsibility of the shipment for clients.  


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