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The police vehicles with their roof mount light bars have a special place in our cultural fabric. From music to movies, the popular culture has been paying tribute to the classical crime story for decades. The police chase at the end of the crime thrillers feel incomplete with those lights flashing and the sirens ringing. The police and other emergency services use some kind of variant of the same lighting procedure. It is used to indicate the emergency of the situation wherein the police seeks the law abiding citizens to either vacate the roads for their movement. They are also used to indicate to the drivers that the emergency services want them to stop at that point for some kind of conversation with the police officials. The lights also communicate warning to the passersby and the drivers that they ought to be careful in this vicinity because some crime or accident might be in progress or might have just happen some time ago.

As a universally accepted warning sign, it is hard to imagine the law enforcement work being done without the use of the roof mounted lights and sirens. Because of the specific connotation of the blue and red police/ emergency services lighting patterns, it is illegal in many jurisdictions to use similar lights on private vehicles. If general body of citizens were to be allowed to identify themselves as the law enforcement, it would create havoc. First of all, there is an inherent potential for the lights to be misused by people for their personal gain. For example, the criminals might use it as a cover for fast exit from the crime scene or someone might just not be feeling like waiting at a traffic signal. Due to this very reason, the sale of items associated with law enforcement is controlled in many European and American countries. It is not just the law enforcement however, that uses the roof mounted vehicle lights: The medical service departments use them around the world. The ambulance lights are usually red in color and have a rotating movement. The fire department also employs these lights to exhibit the urgency of the situation and impliedly requesting the general body of citizens to cooperate in any way they can. One of the implied requests is to leave the road or the right most lanes alone for the relief vehicle to pass. Visit this link for more info on police sirens.

As responsible citizens, it is our moral as well as legal duty to assist the emergency service vehicles because it is always one of our fellow citizens in distress that these vehicles are going so fast to help. A few minute can mean the difference between life and death in certain situations. Only through combined ownership can we make a good society.