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A wildlife photographer will research a lot prior to his/her journey. This will help them be well aware of the locations where certain animals hang out the most. Their journey might sound challenging and full of obstacles but it is a great adventure that one would truly enjoy. In addition, the final results that they bring back is something that everyone would find amazing. Their hard work and dedication is the magic behind such masterpieces. Halloween is the best holiday to be someone else. It is exciting and fun. In order to create a perfect costume it costs some money. But don’t worry, we have some great ideas that won’t harm your budget. Here are a few unique costume ideas that you can create easily.


Remember Woody and Jessie from Toys’ Story? Well, you can dress up as them quite easily. All you will need is a pair of boots, a denim pant, a shirt with long sleeves and a vest to go on top. You can get sea to summit lightweight dry sack from a nearby shop to top it off and you are good to go.

An adventurer or a sherif

Another simple but unique idea. Get a pair of shorts and a shirt in olive green, a pair of boots or shoes with a high sole. Tug the shirt, and put on a bag-pack. Top it off with a good jerry cans for sale and voila!. Your outfit is ready for some adventure. Or else you can just get a long pair of olive green pants and a shirt with a star badge and the same hat. You are the new Sheriff in town.


If you are looking for a more creepy outfit, you can always go as a mummy. Just get a roll or two of toilet papers and wrap it all around you. You’ll be a mummy in just seconds.

A celebrity

This ought to be very simple. Different celebrities have different styles. But many tend to wear simple and common outfits. Just take a good look in your wardrobe and you will find some clothing items which is similar to a celebrity. Then all you got to do is put on some make up. As simple as that.


No, we are not talking about the smiley faces and the hearts. But noticed how simple the dancing girls’ emoji, the salsa woman’s emoji and any other emoji with people are very simple. You can pull off those items very simply. It doesn’t even require much clothing items at all.

Pop-art character

If you are someone who is good with the brushes and make up, this might work perfectly. It doesn’t require any extra clothing item, just an everyday outfit will do. For more, just search the internet for pop-art tutorials.